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Hi there,

I've tried to upload a favicon throught the customize theme panel, but i can't do it.

I've tried to change the color of the header and the menus and i can't do it either.

It seems like it had a problem.

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance,


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I have the same problem at issue, Theme Builder.


I installed WordPress and tried to add the theme with the theme upload installer but it takes a lot of time to “connect” and after a while is gives me an error:

"Request Time-out Server waiting for the HTTP request from client".

 I also tried the Wordpress Reset plugin but it was no use.

Please help!


dam it took a month to respond to the question!

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 I installed Almond , and tried to start localization using Loco plugin...

Setting file permissions, I get a potential issue with Almond

Theme has a strange POT file name (language.po). A better name would be "infinity.pot"

Is your language.po file compatible with Loco translation ?

thanks for yur feedback

I need help finding the all the blue colors to match my own logo. I have trouble finding all of them. So far I still haven't figured out how to recolor the blue bar after the Slider Revolution, and some of the links and tabs on the home page.

Was Carmen's problem resolved? I have the same issue.

I bought Capitol but it give me troubles with uploading content and woocommerce plugins
Which editor is best to use with this theme
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