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One click import not working after page deletions

Total newbie and I am sure i am making really stupid mistakes but a bit frustrated that the support team has disappeared and is not able to resolve my issue despite raising a couple of tickets.  The whole point of support is presumably to help those of us not experts in this stuff?

After importing demo I permanently deleted pages I needed.  Despite deleting and reinstalling the theme and even deleting and reinstalling word press itself, I cannot get the deleted demo pages to reappear.  The 8 I left in the trash are still there every time I reinstall the theme and can be restored but the 15 I permanently deleted will not come back.  Assume there is an easy fix because they must be in the original zip file.  Have no content uploaded on my site yet so can delete/remove anything to get the pages back if someone can just show me how.  Think I need the XML file for the demo pages to install manually?

Any help gratefully received!

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Umm I hope this problem has been solved, but in any case I just read this and I thought of trying something.
Have you deleted the database and created a new one before installing wordpress again?

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