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Product support?

Hi, I have submitted a few support requests, but have not had any response for over weeks. Do you still provide product support for your themes?

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Still waiting too ... more that 15 days...

Yep, still nothing at all. Been much longer than 15 days for me…

Still waiting ... Gonna pay for suppport

Let me know if they get back to you after you pay pls. Thanks
Any luck getting a response back? It used to be good support but haven’t heard back from anyone in months

Hi, did you receive any support after paying for it?

No support bro. They are not doing nothing

Terrible. It used to be good. Time to migrate my website to another theme that has support

there is no one here for support. loss of money. and no way to refund

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yep, 3 months, no support, no refund, no replies to emails

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